5 Reel Drive Slots Casino

5 Reel Drive Casino Slots


5 Reel Drive is a motocross themed UK casino slot which offers a simple design of 5 reels and 3 rows, designed by Microgaming. The variance of this casino slot is of high variance with a 96.95% return to player rating and a fixed payline pattern of 9 ways to win. The bonus features used in this slot consist of wild and scatter symbols, with limited bonus rounds and high payouts. Play 5 Reel Drive here at LateCasino.com, or you can choose from over 700 of the latest Casino Slots, and also benefit from our welcome offer which gives all new players a gift or 500 free spins when they place their first deposit online. 

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5 Reel Drive Casino Slots
RTP 96.95%
Features Scatter Symbols, Substitution Of Wining Symbols, Wild
Developer Microgaming
Reels 5 Reels
Paylines 9 Paylines

5 Reel Drive Casino Slots

5 Reel Drive Casino Slots

5 Reel Drive Casino Slots

 5 Reel Drive is set on the track of a motocross race, complete with a cartoon theme or vehicles and racing. This UK casino slot is a great pick for car fanatics as it features lots of vehicle related symbols, including police car bonus symbols and road related items such as fast food. This is a rather simple slot which does not hand out free spins, multipliers or access to any bonus rounds. Although, the most appealing part about this casino slot has to be the higher variance which gives this overall game a higher appeal due to the increased likelihood of winning. There are some high payouts available in this casino slot, such as a £10,000 jackpot. The stake limits of this casino slot are rather high, although this only means that there are higher payouts to be given in return. To summarise, this basic casino slot is perfect for beginners due to the simple format and lack of any complex bonus rounds. Although, this will be most appealing to those interested in playing a car theme, as there is not much else to offer in this limited game.

One thing which 5 Reel Drive certainly has to offer, is the higher variance and higher number of payouts which are handed out. The higher the variance, the better for players, making this UK casino slot a very appealing game to choose at this online casino. A high variance is given from the strong RTP rating of 96.53%, which is fully in the high category of variance to make this a highly volatile and promising casino slot. Supporting this, the payline pattern consists of a very basic number of 9 ways to win. This is rather limited as far as betway patterns go for a 5 reel slot, which restricts certain paylines in this game. That being said, the payline pattern of this game does not limit the variance as this casino slot still boasts a high variance at this online casino UK. Although there are no bonus symbols and features to increase the variance of this slot, the volatility is already high enough to make this slot strong. 

5 Reel Drive Casino Slots Gameplay

5 Reel Drive has a rather unique betting range, which does make this UK casino slot slightly more expensive than your average slot at this online casino. Firstly, the betting range begins at a minimum stake of £2.25 which is much higher than average. This stake requirement is higher to make this game more expensive to compensate for the higher payouts available in this slot. This may put some players off and appeal more to those who opt for a higher stake in their betting strategy. The maximum limit is also fairly high, allowing bets up to £90 per spin - this betting limit allows players plenty of room to use a variety of stake strategies. These stakes can also lead to payouts up to £10,000, which is a high payout to be offered in a high variance slot. 

In 5 Reel Drive, there are not many bonus features which places all of the focus of this UK casino slot into the payouts. The payouts in this slot are handed out for paylines of 3-5 symbols, with the highest value symbols being the road sign wild symbol and the police car scatter symbol. Through these bonus symbols, you can win up to £10,000 as the total jackpot of this casino slot. The maximum multiplier win of this game is up to 10,000x your stake which can offer very high payouts for even the minimum stake used in this game. However, if you opt for the maximum stake of this slot you can win up to £900,000 for a huge return to make from just £90 at this online casino UK. As in all casino slots, the highest payouts of this game is made for paylines of 5 bonus symbols whilst using the maximum bet. As there are no special bonus features, your fate relies on the main reel and the higher variance of this slot.

5 Reel Drive is set on a cartoon road with a theme or vehicles and driving, shown with a simple design or 5 reels and 3 rows. The cartoon visuals consist of symbols of police cars, road signs, cars and even road trip related items such as fast food and beverages. This casino slot UK is available to play on mobile, tablet and desktop devices at this online casino. 

5 Reel Drive Casino Slots Bonus Features

 5 Reel Drive does not include any special bonus rounds, as no free spins or even multipliers are available in this simple UK casino slot. The only real bonus addition to this slot is the wild and scatter symbols which can lead to 10,000x your stake payouts. This will make an ideal casino slot for anyone who does not prioritise bonus features, and wants to enjoy a simplified casino slot. 

5 Reel Drive Developer - Microgaming

 5 Reel Drive is developed by Microgaming, who offer a huge range of UK casino slots from basic slots like this one to bonus-filled complex games. For more exciting casino slots by these developers, we recommend trying Dragon Strike Casino Slot, a mythical themed game here at Late Casino.