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What Is The 4567 Roulette Strategy & Does It Work?

What Is The 4567 Roulette Strategy & Does It Work?

Roulette's charm lies in its blend of randomness and anticipation; it's been a firm favourite of many casino-goers for a long time. Amidst the array of strategies that players have come up with in an attempt to sway the odds in their favour, the 4567 Roulette Strategy is the one we are going to discuss here today. 

The burning question is: What underlies this strategy, and crucially, can it consistently deliver wins? Read on to find out. 

What Is The 4567 Strategy In Roulette?

This particular roulette tactic harnesses the concept of 'neighbour bets.' It involves betting on a number and its immediate neighbours on the wheel - emphasising positions on the wheel over their sequence on the betting table layout. 

For example, choosing the number 32 on a European wheel and placing a neighbour bet on it means betting on 15, 19, 32, 21, and 4 (the number 32 and two neighbours on each side). The strategy's name reflects the consecutive sequence these numbers form on the wheel, highlighting the positional rather than numerical relationship. 

How Does A 4567 Strategy Work In Roulette?

The essence of the 4567 strategy is a belief in the statistical likelihood of hitting one of the five numbers in a neighbour bet within every few spins, leading many to believe that it could be a sustainable approach over time. 

Implementing this method involves:

  • Starting with the lowest possible bet.
  • Betting on a number and its four neighbours (two on each side).
  • Doubling the bet following a loss.
  • After another loss, increase the bet by one unit.
  • Decreasing the bet by one unit upon a win.
  • Applying this sequence to subsequent sets of five numbers without overlapping. 

Is The 4567 Roulette System Profitable?

Initiating bets at the table's minimum, the 4567 strategy's viability can diminish with consecutive losses, making it a preference for the experienced. It's imperative to understand that, like any betting system, it does not alter the house edge or guarantee profits. 

The fluctuating bet sizes require disciplined budget management to mitigate the potential for substantial losses, as they can stack up quickly. This highlights the need to set a budget and stick to it. 


In roulette, no strategy can assure consistent success; instead, they provide alternative ways for players to place their bets and potentially add another entertaining aspect to the game. The house edge ensures the casino's advantage across all games, including roulette, and it remains in place regardless of the strategy a player chooses to use. Therefore, winning can never be guaranteed. 

In essence, the 4567 Roulette Strategy, as well as other roulette strategies, offer structured betting formats without influencing game outcomes. The best strategy is one that maximises enjoyment, fits within your budget, and acknowledges gambling's inherent risks and rewards. Please gamble responsibly and never bet money you aren't comfortable losing.